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    Playing the Tourist in Phuket – Part 2

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    My weekend of looking at Phuket through the eyes of a tourist, instead of an expat, continued with a trip to one of the most famous and impressive parts of Thailand – Phang Nga Bay. This has been on my bucket list for much of the four years I’ve lived in Phuket for yet, just like the Big Buddha, it has taken me the better part of all four of those years to get around to it. If it’s always going to be there, what’s the rush?

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    Chasing Waterfalls in Phang Nga

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    There are several activities which, when I was younger, I swore that I would never do, either because of the inherent risks or because of failing to see the point. The first was bungee-jumping, which I’ve now done twice. Next was going to a gym, which I now do four times every week. The last was whitewater rafting, which was ticked off last week.