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    Pimalai Resort & Spa

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    Over the last weekend – a long one, thanks to a national holiday on Monday – I had a little getaway with my girlfriend; an unrivalled opportunity to relax and unwind. It was an opportunity to explore a tropical island destination in Thailand which is slowly growing in popularity, and enjoy the hospitality of what is, at the moment, the only five-star hotel there: Pimalai Resort & Spa on Koh Lanta. Such are the perks of working in the travel industry!

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    The Battle of Thung Thale Beach

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    Keeping low and moving slow, rifle firmly gripped in both gloved hands, I crept through a patch of dense woodland. I was shielded from the harsh sunlight and the view of most of the enemy invasion force by a wall of leaves, but the web of thin trunks and branches I was creeping through presented challenges of its own, particularly when it came to moving quietly. My squadmate joined me, silently indicating that we should move further to the left. The enemy were reportedly moving up through this area and, if we were careful, we would be able to attack on their exposed flank.