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    Phuket Country Lodge

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    The story goes that some ambitious soul heard that Phuket was finally going to be connected to the rest of Thailand by rail. As it was (and, spoiler, still is), you could only take the train as far as Surat Thani and, while the line continues south, it takes a hard left turn there and proceeds towards Pattani and, eventually, Malaysia and Singapore. Passengers for Phuket have to change onto a bus, which takes about three and a half hours to cover the remaining 250 km. Why the rail link has never been made is unclear – perhaps the cost, possibly the fact that much of the land between the two points is in national parks, or maybe just the fact that quite a lot of it is rather mountainous. Either way, despite frequent promises, the last 250 km of rail has never been laid and, in all probability, never will be.

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    Week 9: Black & White

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    Most of my favourite black and white shots featured highly-textured surfaces, whether it be wood grain or a wrinkly face. Naturally, therefore, my first choice when it came to picking somewhere to shoot for the Project52 was an abandoned building.