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    Remembering Why I Love Thai People – The Hard Way (Part 2)

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    We return to the sorry story of the complete mess I made of a very simple journey, which we started in the last part. Having made the idiotic mistake of leaving my passport at home and not realising until I’d just arrived at the airport, I was now well behind schedule for the rest of my planned journey to Kanchanaburi for an airsoftevent. Last time, we concluded with a slightly bumpy landing at Bangkok’s Don Muang International Airport. The story continues…

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    Riding the Death Railway

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    One of the most moving solo travel experiences of my life occurred in 2012, when I decided to visit Kanchanaburi, Thailand for the rather incongruously named “Light & Sound Festival”. This remarkable event is actually the commemoration of the day in 1945 when the Kanchanaburi Rail Bridge – popularly and inaccurately known as “the Bridge on the River Kwai” – was severely damaged by US Army Air Force bombers, knocking out two spans of the eight-span structure built entirely by slave labour, including locals and Allied POWs.