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Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort

While I am very happy to announce the relaunch of this site, with its flashy new URL and design, I want to get right back into writing the actual content. That’s the whole reason why this site exists, and four months without writing has been driving me nuts! So, without further ado, we’ll continue with my “Paradise Abandoned” photo project, and the fascinating Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort.

Located just a few hundred metres along the coast from the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, the Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort (hoteliers and not noted for their imagination when it comes to thinking of property names…) is one of the more complete of the abandoned hotel projects around Phuket. I haven’t been able to find too much information about it, but what I did learn suggests that the construction work was nearing completion when a fire damaged part of the building. During the ensuing investigation by the local authorities, it was discovered that the development had encroached on national park land – something which the Thai authorities take rather seriously. As a result, building work was halted immediately and indefinitely.

Inside the abandoned Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort in Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand

​​The result of this strange situation is that the structure still shows the signs of the original fire damage, as well as the ravages of time ever since. Partially completed rooms, with individual balcony pools and luxurious spa bathtubs, are now rotted and deteriorating, with some of the more accessible ones being heavily graffiti-ed by locals and tourists alike. Some of the main building’s structure is in a similar state, with one entire section of roofing collapsed. The interior corridors are in a particularly rough condition, with the luxurious fixtures and fittings now rotting on the ground where they fell. At one point, this resulted in me getting a board with a nail through it stuck in the bottom of my shoe, so mind where you tread.

Inside the abandoned Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort in Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand

​​Being relatively easily accessed, the Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort does get a fair amount of attention, and I ran into at least a couple of other people looking around or walking nearby on my visit. I later found out that this particular site was previously a favourite of the local airsoft club, who would hold their special events (so-called “milsims” – meaning ‘military simulations’) here. This practise ended some years ago, when one participant fell several storeys down an old lift shaft, just a few minutes after the simulation started. He survived the fall, but had to spend six months in hospital. With guard rails being one of the things which had evidently not been installed at the time of the fire, there are a number of similar pitfalls, so urban spelunkers should exercise extreme caution.

Beach near the abandoned Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort in Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand

​​One of the reasons why you see some passing pedestrians is that the hotel marks the start of a trail through the national park land behind it, which eventually leads to Nai Thon Beach. I did not attempt this route (yet), but I did go and take a look down the hill just behind the hotel, which is where you will find a small but rather pleasant little beach. One of the dozens of tiny, little-known beaches around Phuket, this one has fairly soft sand – a little coarse, but not too much so. The seabed just off the coast is shallow enough to support a few trees sticking out of the sea, with a small, jungle-covered island a short walk away. Beyond that is a reef or sandbank – some sort of wave-breaker, anyway – which was taking a battering from the Indian Ocean at the time I was there.

Inside the abandoned Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort in Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand

​​As always, it would be irresponsible and possibly illegal for me to actively recommend visiting this site or any abandoned building around Phuket. However, at the same time, it would be deeply patronising of me to advise against it when I visited and explored the place myself. What I will do is repeat what I said earlier: If you are going to check out the Phuket Peninsula Resort & Spa, please do so with extreme care and caution. Also, if you get detained for trespassing, don’t blame me!

Inside the abandoned Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort in Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand
Inside the abandoned Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort in Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Peninsula Spa & Resort

GPS:8°05’02.4″N 98°17’12.2″E
Recommend:Check out the fairly private little beach and tiny island, just past the hotel.
Avoid: Falling down an elevator shaft and spending six months in hospital.


  1. I visited this place in beginning of November 2019 and it’s still there. The people working in a sales office just before the road leading up to the hotel said the place have been sold (actually just the week before my visit) so it might be a real hotel there on my next trip to Thailand. They also said the reason for the hotel being abandoned was that the owner ran out of money and just left the building. They did not mention the fire, but after seeing it unclose I’m sure there was a fire at one point or another.

    They also said that they sometimes go and explore so it’s safe just as long as you watch your step.

    1. Thank you very much for the update! With research on abandoned buildings, there is always extremely limited information available, and what little there is can often be contradictory. That being the case, the best I can generally do is this sort of approximation based on the story that best fits the circumstances. However, “the developers ran out of money” is certainly the usual answer!

  2. I am staying at the Marriott next door right now and they started to demolish the resort yesterday starting with the central part (lobby). With the state it is in, my guess is that it will be completely demolished then rebuilt.

    1. Very much appreciate the update. It’s kind of sad because abandoned buildings are so fun to explore, but anything that improves the look of Phuket’s coastline is all for the good!

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